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Family Caregiver Support Program

The program is intended to provide assistance to caregivers who are providing care to relatives/persons who require assistance and supervision on an ongoing basis.

The Family Caregiver may have needs such as:





Community Resources

Supplemental Supplies

Our goals are to help with...

reduce caregiver stress
provide emotional support
build caregiver knowledge and skills
provide information about community services and resources
assist caregivers financially on a limited basis, when eligible
give caregivers greater flexibility and choice of services

Are you eligible for support?

  • an adult (18 years or older)

  • providing care for a functionally dependent person 60 years or older

  • the Care Receiver must require frequent or continuous care and/or supervision due to chronic health conditions or physical/cognitive impairment

  • is responsible for providing care or for directing the care of the Care Receiver

  • must be providing ongoing care without payment

Seniors Raising Children

A Senior Raising Children is a person who is age 55 or older, who is financially and solely responsible for raising a dependent child 18 years old or younger is eligible to receive services through the Family Caregiver Support Program. The child/children must reside at the same residence as the senior. The Senior Raising Children must be solely responsible for the child/children’s care on a continuous around the clock basis.


Help starts with a call.

Contact Catawba Area Agency on Aging by calling
803-329-9670 or toll-free 1-800-662-8330.

Your help will be needed.

Your opinion and feedback will be requested in various ways and times. Caregiver participation helps us achieve our goals and create a program that will best serve seniors and their families in the Catawba Region and throughout the State of South Carolina.

In 2000 under the Older Americans Act, the National Family Caregiver Support Program was created.  Catawba Area Agency on Aging developed the Catawba Family Caregiver Support Program to assist caregivers in the Catawba Region. The Catawba Region includes Chester, Lancaster, Union, and York counties in South Carolina.

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